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International Faculty & Global Research at UL Lafayette

UL Lafayette international faculty bring a new dimension to teaching and research. Their work elevates the quality of education students receive at UL Lafayette.

UL Lafayette faculty engage in research projects all over the world. From the most efficient ways to extract oil and gas from the earth’s crust in the Middle East, to the optimization of training exercise for high performing athletes in Romania, religious wars in Mexico, alternative energy systems in Brazil, to special education in Africa, among others, global research initiatives thrive at the University.

Furthermore, faculty have the opportunity to teach abroad through faculty-led programs in France, Italy, England, and Costa Rica, and through field trips, internships and service projects in any corner of the world where the faculty interest may be.

International partnerships, either formally established through MOAs or just driven by faculty relations, are important in positioning the University to compete for international funding. In addition, these partnerships provide a diversity of education, research and/or service opportunities for faculty and students at UL Lafayette.

Faculty and students interested in getting involved in international research need to speak with their department chairs or to visit the Divison of Global Engagement for ideas on how to become engaged.

At UL Lafayette, we aim to solve the real problems of humankind through research. All students benefit from the knowledge gained through basic research and from their experiences conducting research. Our challenges do not end at human-made borders — they are global, multinational and multidisciplinary in nature.

The deliberate choice of the University administration to foster a multicultural environment creates the welcoming, diverse and global culture that makes UL Lafayette unique.

International faculty, staff and students at UL Lafayette represent more than 120 countries. International partnerships, visiting scholars and visitors in general further enrich the global culture of the University. That merging of cultures, beliefs, and knowledge, mixed with the great Acadiana cultures, make our campus one of a kind. This vast cultural richness creates a diverse, open, and welcoming environment at our University.

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