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Health, Safety & Security

Health Services on Campus

Student Health Services, UL Lafayette’s health clinic, is open to all students at the university. The clinic is located in the Saucier Wellness Center on UL Lafayette’s campus.

Hours may vary depending on holidays and semester breaks. You MUST make an appointment with the clinic to see a nurse.

Safety & Security

In cases of emergencies, the University has its own UL Lafayette Police Department. You can contact ULPD at 337-482-6447.

There are also Code Blue emergency phones throughout campus that can be used to instantly call the University Police Department. The Code Blue emergency phones have blue lights. Learn more about about safety procedures and guidelines.

All University Housing facilities have safety procedures in place, which students must follow.  These include marked exits and evacuation routes which are to be used in cases of emergencies. The evacuation routes can be found marked on maps on the back of the doors in the housing buildings.

Visit the University Housing website for more information.